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Our Story

BareEarth Herbal Co. was founded by Jasmine Winters, 25 from Detroit, MI. 

Can I be transparent for a minute? 

I would spend hundreds of dollars on lash extensions, wigs, weaves, acrylic nails, you name it. I always looked nice, but once I removed all those additions my natural hair (edges) was balding from the glue, my nails basically destroyed from the acrylic, and my eyelashes... if you've ever worn strip lashes, or lash extensions you know the rest. One day I just said enough! So I began to embrace my natural beauty, and it has been the most freeing experience for me. I began creating all natural products that not only make you look great on the outside, you feel good because you are comfortable in your own skin.

Speaking of skin, I also struggled with acne. It was tough not being able to feel comfortable without wearing foundation. But now my foundation is a choice thanks to the Hydrating "Glow Up" Toner, and Rosemary Facial Oil (my personal favorites). Now, my foundation doesn't stand I chance against my B A R E face. I just couldn't keep this a secret any longer, so I am sharing a piece of myself with you all. I believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin. You never know what a person may be dealing with behind closed doors. So I have  designed 12 All Natural Products, some with different variations to give hope to someone who may be dealing with a chronic skin or hair condition, acne or dark spots, brittle nails. I realize this is something bigger than myself, so you have my word, BareEarth will always provide the highest quality, non-toxic ingredients without the use of any animal by-product at affordable prices. 

We are all about self-care here at B.E., from our Calming Facial Steam to the Divine Energy Yoni Steam, designed just for the ladies. Feminine health is a major key with so many benefits from ease of cycle symptoms, to PH balance.  You take care of everyone else, now its time to take care of you. Self care starts with you, so grab one of our "Good Vibes" Sage Sticks, and treat yourself.

An with your continued support, I will continue to use my brand to spread self-love, and creativity. 

Stay Bare, Stay Beautiful..

-Love Jas


Owner - Jasmine N. Winters