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Stay Bare, Stay Beautiful

We are committed to helping you embrace your natural beauty, without harmful chemicals. Every item is handcrafted and made to order using all organic ingredients.

B              A               R               E

Delivering you 100% Vegan Beauty products, never tested on animals. BareEarth is here to support you on your journey.

The BARE Difference

Check out our facial & Yoni steam!

Facial Steam Benefits

Our Facial Steam is the perfect self-care practice, great for both men and women. The Calming Facial Steam is designed to increase circulation, and open pores to release any dirt or oil build-up. Our handcrafted herbal blend is incredibly relaxing, making it the perfect addition to your pre-bedtime routine. 

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Yoni Steam Benefits

Our Yoni Steam is designed to cleanse, tighten, soothe, and increase moisture to your lady parts. Divine Energy steam is also a great way to alleviate cycle symptoms, reduce stress, increase energy, and to maintain a healthy PH and hormone level. 

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Custom Made Anklets

Choose a color, and enter your exact ankle measurement for a custom handmade anklet design! 

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